A detailed list of the terms and conditions that apply to all our hunting safaris in Southern Africa.



·       All prices are quoted in Euro or US dollar and are per person.

·       The tariffs are based on current prices and are subject to change without prior notification.

·       A deposit of € 1000 is required upon booking your hunting safari.

·       The balance is payable upon completion of the safari.

·       As long as the required deposit has not been received, the booking is not confirmed and can be cancelled without prior notice.

·       A receipt of payment indicating the booking dates will immediately be confirmed by e-mail.

·       Payments must be made in cash or bank transfer.

·       Trophy fees are payable on all animals killed or wounded and must be paid prior to departure from hinting camp.

·       All clients and observers are required to sign Artemis Jagd Safaris indemnity agreement before commencement of the Safari.




If you book one of our special packages and do not take all of the trophies included, a credit is given at 80% of the list price of the trophy for the trophies that you did not take or wound. This should, however, rarely be necessary. No refunds for late arrivals or early departures on daily rate.




If the hunting safari is canceled, cancellation fees will be due and payable according to the following: Or full deposits can be carried forward for Safari of a later date. When re-booked for the following year, new price list will be applied.


·       More than 120 days prior to arrival, 80% of the total safari price is refunded.

·       90 to 120 days prior to arrival, 70% of the total safari price is refunded.

·       60 to 90 days prior to arrival, 40% of the total safari price is refunded.

·       Less than 60 days prior to arrival, no refund.


Package Safaris


·       Other trophies may be hunted whilst on a package safari according to the current price guide.

·       Package safari prices include the stipulated trophies.

·       All animals killed or wounded and lost must be paid for in full.

·       No refunds are allowed for late arrivals or early departures.




Artemis Jagd Safaris, its agents and employees shall not be held liable for any damage, losses and expenses suffered by any client as a result of sickness, quarantine, weather conditions, war, strikes, riots or any other cause outside of our control. It is each client’s own responsibility to arrange his/her medical, evacuation or personal insurance.


Artemis Jagd Safaris, its agents and employees, accept no liability in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to person or property arising out of any act, omission or negligence. The client shall be deemed to have waived, renounced and abandoned any and all right or entitlement which the client may be entitled to under the provisions of the law of Southern Africa for any loss or damage to person or property.


Artemis Jagd Safaris, shall not be held liable for any loss or expense arising from the loss of property, cancellation or curtailment of the hunting safari however caused, save only to the extent that such loss of baggage, cancellation or curtailment was caused by the hunting outfitter's negligence.




Clients may not carry any unlawful articles or substances whilst in Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe or any Southern African country where a hunting safari is being conducted with Artemis Jagd Safaris. If any hunter or observer offends against the prohibitions set out herein, the hunting outfitter will be entitled to immediately exclude from the safari hunting party the offender who will be responsible for his or her own repatriation and all costs thereof. Artemis Jagd Safaris, will under no circumstances assist any such offender in any dealings or negotiations with any authority.




In all matters where it is or may be necessary to have recourse to the Court, the Courts of the Republic of Namibia shall have sole jurisdiction to the exclusion of the Courts of any other country and the law of the Republic of Namibia shall prevail.


The privacy policy of Artemis Jagd Safaris.

Any information that you submit to Artemis Jagd Safaris is deemed confidential. We are a safari company that utilizes this information purely for the purpose of compiling proposals as far as hunting safaris in Namibia or elsewhere in Southern Africa are concerned.

We have never, nor will we ever, share any contact or other information provided to us by any client, potential client or any other person who submits information to Artemis Jagd Safaris either via direct e-mail or via our website. If your position necessitates an additional level of confidentiality when making your safari arrangements, we can guarantee absolute confidentiality.