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Namibia is the first country in the world to include protection of the environment and sustainable utilization of wildlife in its constitution. Approximately 14 % of the country’s major habitat types are contained in formally proclaimed protected areas and nearly 80% are under conservancies.

Namibia is one of the leading conservation countries in Africa. The number of animals as well as their diversity doubled since the 1960's. Almost 80% of all wildlife in Namibia are now found on private land which is largely accredited to the trophy hunting industry.

Namibia is often referred to as "The Land of Wide-Open Spaces" and is located in the western part of Southern Africa. Namibia is one of the most scenically beautiful countries on the planet.

From the towering sand dunes of Sossusvlei and the red sands of the Kalahari Desert to verdant swamps and tropical palms trees on the Caprivi Strip, this is a land of striking contrasts.

The south of the country is home to the Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world, marine diamond fields, the ghost’s town of Kolmanskop and herds of wild horses. Further north the red Kalahari Desert gives way to the Namib desert with its towering dunes that plunge into the crashing waves of the Atlantic.

Further north still you will encounter the awe-inspiring beauty of Damaraland, rich with bushman rock art and geological wonders. The jewel in Namibia's wildlife crown is the Etosha National Park, dominated by the massive central salt pans, the park is home to Africa's big game, and at certain times of year, boasts unrivalled game viewing, as the game escapes the parched plains and congregates around waterholes.

The natural beauty is complimented by quaint towns, rich in colonial German architecture, full of warm country hospitality. This is truly a melting pot of cultures from nomadic tribes such as the ochre coloured Himba people of the north-west and the Khoi-San bushmen of the Kalahari to European farmers of Dutch descent and just about everything in-between.

Check out this amazing video to see the nature wonders Namibia has to offer!


The annual hunting season in Namibia covers the period from 1 February until 30 November.

The first 10 weeks still fall into the main summer rainfall season of the southern hemisphere. But due to Namibia's specific geographic location and prevailing climate conditions, rain mostly occurs sporadic, as short showers during late afternoon and night-time hours. Most of the days are sunny with bright blue skies. Summers without rain for weeks on end are not unusual. From about mid-April, a brief autumn soon turns into winter that lasts for only 2-3 months.

The Southern African winter is characterized by low night-time & moderate day-time temperatures as well as extremely dry and cloudless, sunny weather conditions.

Towards the end of August, temperatures start rising again during a short spring season, and October usually marks the beginning of summer, with a warm to hot yet commonly still dry climate.

South Africa

South Africa is one of the most sought-after destinations for trophy hunters, and rightfully so. The country offers so much to visitors including a great variety of diverse habitats and landscapes on the southern tip of Africa. The country has a well-developed professional hunting and game ranching industry with excellent infrastructure, a wealth of other activities to complement hunting and last not least the cultural richness and hospitality of the Rainbow Nation.

More importantly, South Africa offers a selection of trophy animals which is second to none in the world. The greatest variety of animals available for hunting in the only country in Africa.

Hunting is available on private game ranches, and in controlled hunting areas in some provincial game reserves. The number of game on private land is an estimated two and a half times more than the game on public land. Hunting in South Africa is a great experience for any hunter.


Limpopo is the northern province of South Africa and share international borders with districts and provinces of three countries namely: Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. With in this area, lies the renowned “Bushveld” which is a sub-tropical woodland eco-region of Southern Africa.

The elevation of this Limpopo region varies from 750 to 1,400 meters and the annual rainfall varies from 350 mm in the west to 600 mm in parts of the northeast. Rainfall typically occurs in the summer and in the late afternoon thunder showers are fierce but short in duration, with lightning that creates a most spectacular display. Warm days and chilly evenings make April through September the best time of year to hunt.

This province creates an opportunity for a great, diverse hunting experience. The habitat can change from fairly open Savannah to densely wooded hills. Further north the Bushveld dries out into typical woodland dotted with Baobab trees. This habitat diversity has resulted in an amazingly rich mammal fauna. Most species can be hunted in this province although this is not always preferred. We travel to other provinces for selected species.


The Eastern Cape consists of coastal forests to semi desert plains and mountain ranges where there is a wide range of species available. Specific species such as Black wildebeest, Springbuck and Bontebok are available in these provinces.


The adrenalin-rush of tracking down a lion on foot for hours in the Camelthorn dominated sandy region of South Africa is an experience that cannot be matched. On foot slogging through thick sand is usually rewarded by tracking down and shooting the trophy of a lifetime. Plain’s game such as springbuck, gemsbuck, hartebeest and wildebeest also inhabit the Kalahari, although these animals often go without running surface water for most of the year.

About Us

Artemis Jagd Safaris is based in Namibia and is operated by Charmaine de Lange, which pride herself on providing service excellence. The exclusivity of a true African experience balanced with the measured comfort of her establishment, is what keeps our guests returning.

We are Proud to uphold the traditions of ethical and fair-chase hunting. Loving to walk Namibia’s varied terrain in search of game. The primary objectives are always a top trophy — a magnificent animal that is nearing the end of its natural life — and a memorable hunting experience.

A safari trip at Artemis Jagd Safaris is, more than just the hunt. We invite your whole family to join us in this adventure. We cater for both hunters and non-hunters, local tours and adventures for those looking to spend their days exploring rather than hunting.

We are the perfect destination for first time hunters, seasoned hunters, as well as being family friendly and are able to accommodate large groups of up to fifteen. Our hunting territory consists of a variety of differing terrains including mountain range, bush land and open savannah.

An African safari where a hard day’s hunting filled with adrenaline and excitement is rewarded with a hot shower back at lodge and a cold beer around the fire under star scattered skies, surrounded by the sounds of Africa whispering in your ears.

Feel free to browse through our portfolio of all-inclusive packages offered in Namibia and South Africa, these packages are all-inclusive and were built to offer you the highest value for your money:

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